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Disk Space Saver is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Check out what you can do with Disk Space Saver!


Visual representation allows you easily spot and delete large files and folders

Human First

Human is unbeatable in making correct decisions on what to delete

Blazingly Fast

Scanning 1,000,000 files takes half a minute roughly!

Intuitively Simple

It is so simple as 1 2 3.
For all ages and for all users.


Hierarchical structure displays large space hogs inside any folder and its subfolders

Saves Hundreds of GBs

The user knows better what he doesn't need, and can free up hundreds of GBs!


Protect system files and folders from occasional removal

Truly Versatile

Supports major desktop platforms: Windows, macOS and Linux

Get & Go

Doesn't require installation! Good to go as soon as downloaded!

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After using Disk Space Saver for a few days, I'll never want to go back!

William Smith

I am so excited to find this app!
It definitely made me happier!

Emily Wilson

Amazing software!
It does one thing and one thing well!

Jacob Martin

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