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Organize Files,
Folders and Desktop

Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

4.8 rating based on 795 votes

Intuitively Simple

Loved by happy users from 14 to 80 years old.

Blazingly Fast

Organizing 1000 files takes less than half a second!

Variety of Choices

Sort files the way you want! By Kind, Extension, Size, Date or ABC!

Recursive Organizing

Organize files in all subfolders with a simple click!

Auto Organizing

Automatically organize files and folders with predefined schedule!

Custom Rules

Easily organize groups of files with custom rules!


Organize files into folders generated from file names.

Smart Filters

Organize preselected categories of files in a click.

Easy Review

Review your files before and after organizing.

External Drives

Organize files on external USB drives easily!

Multi Folder Organizing

Tired of organizing one folder at a time? Organize many folders in a click!

Always Reversible

You can undo your organized files to previous state anytime!

What people are saying about
Easy File Organizer

Discover what all the buzz is about!

Amazing and easy-to-use file organizer designed with a single goal in mind, to make your life easier!

Anca Roman, Softpedia

It is such a simple app with a nice interface! It is probably one of the best apps I have used this year!

Ben Summers, BRP Specialist

Just downloaded Easy File Organizer. The program I was looking for ages finally here!

Manmeet Bhangu

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